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South Africa

Lush and green, affluent and sunny, Pretoria is the legislative capital of South Africa and boasts an array of natural beauty. It is the host of all foreign embassies in the country and serves as the seat of the executive branch of the South African government. The landscape of the city is truly beautiful, with...
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Initially existing as a small village and transforming into a full-blown city and municipality in 1897, Johannesburg is widely known as the financial and economic powerhouse of South Africa. The city has become incredibly prosperous and modern and is oftentimes referred to as ‘the city of gold’, renowned for its reputation as an industrial and...
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The capital of South Africa! You’re here! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime. You’re now standing in the place known as South Africa’s ‘Mother City, being the first site of European settlement in South Africa. Wondering why else Cape Town may sound familiar? The city was the official home of the national treasure...
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